WVCP-FM very much appreciates the community volunteers that donate their time to improve the operations of the station.  While most volunteers do a weekly radio show, some are involved with training, sports, or behind the scenes work with computers and music.

WVCP is always accepting applications for community volunteers.  If there are no current positions available, applications are kept on file.  Volunteers must be reliable, punctual, and agree to follow  station rules and formats.

Generally, volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years of age, with good references and reliable transportation.

Volunteers are used to fill schedule vacancies which are left after all students  on the air for a grade have received their WVCP responsibilities.  Students working on-air at WVCP for credit are enrolled in Communications Practicum 291P.

The course can be taken for one, two, or three hours of college credit.  Practicum students must meet the admissions requirements of Volunteer State Community College.

Therefore, WVCP volunteers understand that there is a slight chance that their position could be “bumped” if needed for a student enrolled for college credit.

Volunteers will be trained by the WVCP staff and previous radio experience is not a requirement.

Anyone that would like to become a new WVCP volunteer can contact WVCP General Manager Howard Espravnik by e-mail at  howard.espravnik@volstate.edu or can phone 615-452-8600 extension 3218.

WVCP Salutes Our Senior Volunteers!

Tom Deep has been a WVCP volunteer since May of 1993.  Tom usually has on-air responsibilities on Friday evenings.  In addition to that, he is WVCP’s Head Trainer.  He trains most of the new evening and night students and volunteers.  Tom has a Bachelor’s Degree from Middle Tennessee State University and works full time for Tennessee State Government in Nashville.  We salute Tom for training dozens of persons for WVCP, and for the behind the scenes computer work that he does for the station.

Mary Jane Espravnik has been an underwriting representative for WVCP since May of 1994.  She works with music underwriters and makes weekly visits to their stores to pick up compact discs on our music trades.  Mary Jane is a senior insurance account representative with Extend Health Care in Hendersonville.  WVCP salutes Mary Jane for freely giving of her time, energy, and gasoline to fulfill this important function..